Business Development

More Business for Your Website

It is every salesperson’s dream to have a huge crowd that is hungry for their product, and sell to them all at once! Well, this can be achieved from a business website. Whether you are a hired salesperson, a proprietor selling specific products, a supplier or even an inventor, your product has a far better chance to get more buyers when it is posted on the internet. However, most people do not get any profits from posting products on their sales websites. Others record very little sales volumes. It is important to understand that putting up a website is not enough. You have to drive traffic to your website, which can be done by SEO strategies.

Many companies have started realizing the benefits of SEO. Many companies are putting up their products on the internet. They require SEO services hence prompting many Focus on one product at a time

Most salespersons have a variety of products that they want to sell. The problem is that they put up all these products on the homepage of their websites. This is not recommended as the best strategy to sell to your customers mainly because you will have all these products visible to the buyer, but they will have short descriptions which do not give the full details of the same. When you take such a website to good SEO companies, the first thing they will tell you is to have one product (or a set of related products) on the home page and give a detailed description of each item. You can always sell other products on other web pages; just don’t choke them with massive amounts of products.

Use Hover Ads for Promotions

The advent of pop-ups brewed a storm in the marketing strategies used on the internet. Basically, pop-ups are small windows which contain offers or promotions and appear when you visit a website. Pop-ups are a great way of advertising as they reaches more people. However, top search engines have started blocking pop-ups because some internet users dislike them. Some SEO companies have realized this and advise you to use hover-ads instead. They work like pop-ups, and you can set all the relevant information such as your sales letter and also opt-ins for your customers to subscribe to. Hover ads are not blocked because they don’t pop up. SEO companies have recorded increased subscriptions and increased sales by up to double the previously recorded amounts through using this strategy.

Put Up Opt-In Offers to Get Subscribers

The opt-in offer (a small check box labeled “Subscribe”) is fundamental in improving your sales. You can get the email addresses of your subscribers which you can use to get in touch with them and also alert them of new offers and sales promotions by creating an emailing list. It is said that email marketing is the most effective and most efficient way to sell your products. As such many SEO companies advise clients to create an emailing list in order to get more business to their website. If you already have an opt-in offer in your website, it is important to know where to place it. Putting it in the top left corner of your website will be very beneficial. This is where the viewers eyes are drawn to first. Just don’t use an extremely long sales letter and you will be fine.

Insist On Urgency and Promote the ‘Buy Now’ Mentality

The sales copy on your website should instill a sense of urgency in the visitors and urge them to buy immediately. This method is a proven psychological mechanism of getting people to buy your products. Not long ago, there was a website that set up products on sale and put up a deadline for buying them; complete with a countdown clock on the side. The expiry date of each product was two weeks. This website recorded amazing sales from this strategy. Even when the price was higher than normal, people still flocked to buy. Many SEO expert services recommend adding a sense of urgency in their copy letter.

The best place to put it is at the end of the sales letter near the call to action. Here are some strategies you can use;

  • Offer a bonus for buyers who have bought within a certain time frame
  • Offer limited-time discounts to instill urgency
  • Offer a limited amount of goods for sale e.g. 50 products only.